Connect the dots, to the Kensington Rune Stone!

The Kensington Rune Stone was placed in 1362 by Alexander Lord Badenoch Stewart, in 1398 Sir Henry Sinclair Commander of the Knights Templar built a Templar Newport Tower building and on the Winter Solstice (my birthday 12-21-1943) according to Scott Wolter on a History Channel.  On 12-21-xxxx the Sun shines through a Port Hole window directly to the Kensington Rune Stone in Minnesota…

I connected the dots. I was born in Sandusky Ohio on 12-21-1943…

I connected Sandusky’s Huron St. (Sandusky is the only city laid out in the Compass and Square of the Free Masons) to the Washington Monument!  Try it!

I am Sagittarius the Archer.  I used a Long Bow (Google Earth)



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