Emperor of China

Relationship Chart Gordon Henry Kraft:ATTILA THE HUN

My mother gave me this Christmas gift 2002?  I wondered why she had Chinese lamps – Confucius and Lady China, then I did the family tree, and we have the Qin Dynasty in the tree, with Mongols in it?

and Then I found Attila the Hun in our family

my mom is Scottish


Kraft family roots of ?

The following are some of the curious roots of my Kraft Family Tree.  Vikings!

Relationship Chart Gordon Henry Kraft:Johann I VonMecklenburg Stargard


Kraft Tree – DeLaRochelle

Relationship Chart Gordon Henry Kraft:Erik Eriksson

Relationship Chart Gordon Henry Kraft:Thorstein Red Olafsson

Relationship Chart Gordon Henry Kraft:Thorfinn I Skull Splitter

Relationship Chart Gordon Henry Kraft:Rollo The Viking Rognvaldsson Normandy

Relationship Chart Gordon Henry Kraft:John SaintClair

Relationship Chart Gordon Henry Kraft:Erik VIII Seiersal Victorious Sweden

Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson Kraft

my Original AiLibrary

I began building my Digital Library in my home in Marco Island in 1997-2003.

I had IBM Aptiva’s, Sony VAIO, Macintosh G4, IBM Netfinity 5500, Gateway NT Server, Apple Anniversary (2) Bose Edition, G4 Cube, SGI dual PC NT, laptops… a Cisco 24 Router for my Smarthouse, and a $500,000+ Starpower Digital Ampro Home Theater with Bar and Bathroom.  With the electric hurricane shutters closed, it was my man cave…

now the movie

it was right off the Master Bedroom, roll out bed and go to work in my AiLibrary(tm).


Welcome to an Entrepreneur – Gordon H Kraft

FaceBook has a timeline feature that allows a person to document his or her work history from High School to NOW!

This is the internet Storyboard of Gordon H Kraft, a true Entrepreneur.

Self educated after High School, it is amazing what a he has achieved. 

Let this be a lesson of what you can do, and achieve more!


TImeline Storyboard: