EDU Plan a plan to help people help themselves

I created the EDU Plan because it is clear to me, that we needed a plan for People to Help Themselves.


Welcome to an Entrepreneur – Gordon H Kraft

FaceBook has a timeline feature that allows a person to document his or her work history from High School to NOW!

This is the internet Storyboard of Gordon H Kraft, a true Entrepreneur.

Self educated after High School, it is amazing what a he has achieved. 

Let this be a lesson of what you can do, and achieve more!


TImeline Storyboard:


GHK AiLibrary(tm) mobile version

We knew that the internet was going to be a Digital Library, a “AiLibrary”.

This was our 1998 Quicktime VR 3D animation effort for mobile (smart phones, PDA, Table) using the blueprints of my real GHK AiLibrary that I was building in Marco Island,  Chris King, Joe Evans, and Jamie Carney , Jeff Kraft, in 1998 of Artificial, Inc. a Gordon Kraft company.

I am still working on the AiLibrary(tm)…