William the Conqueror and Matilda Flanders to Mom and Dad

I worked on the Kraft family tree from 2004 given a folder of news paper clippings and other research information my mother had given me…  She only had dialup internet, so I did  not do much but in 2008 I continued my effort.  The popular web site www.ancestry.com, I looked at  others also like myfamily.com but virtually all genealogy data uses the Church of Later Day Saints, I actually stopped at the church in Salt Lake City when driving to Yellowstone with my wife, my brother in law and his wife , in the 1990’s.

He returned to my Airstream Land Yacht RV with a CDROM, I didn’t think much about it at the time because he was always looking at unclaimed money and property on the Internet.

So in 2004 when my mother asked me to continue her efforts on the family tree, she said Gordon your good with computers please continue my lifelong effort on the family tree.  She had a letter from the Scots Ancestry Society dated 1952… This letter had all the known history of her family in Scotland.  Aberdeen Scotland

With information I began my research on www.ancestry.com – the results were staggering.  I thought no way, this is one of the trails of genealogy of our family.  I thought how can I prove or disprove the information right or wrong?  So I figured “Put it on the Internet” somebody will say it is bullshit…

Then after four years of using Ancestry, my family,  my mother and father, are direct descendants of William I Conqueror of England and Matilda Flanders, my aunt Katie told me that my fathers people were Dutch… And my mother is obviously Scottish

The BLOODLINE of WILLIAM I of Normandy and MATILDA of Flanders granddaughter of Baldwin of Flanders reconnect to my PARENTS!


I shared some of this information with the Donald Harris Law firm in Sandusky, Oh,, and the Berliner-Cohen Law Firm in San Jose, Ca., and my family later.

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    1. thanks Steve, I looked at Lindsay Clan which are cousins, my parents are the grandchildren of William I Conqueror of England and Matilda of Flanders respectively..

  1. Apart from governing Normandy and supporting her brother’s interests in Flanders, Matilda took a close interest in the education of her children, who were unusually well educated for contemporary royalty.

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